Aboriginal children and young people have every opportunity to thrive and be raised safely in Aboriginal families and communities.

The Alliance consists of 14 Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) and their purpose is to be the collective voice of Victorian Aboriginal communities working together to positively influence the future of Aboriginal children and young people.

Key Findings:

  • VACCHO aims to embed and maintain a cultural model of care to ensure the delivery of culturally responsive, safe and appropriate responses and practices to Aboriginal children and young people.
  • Aboriginal children and families need to be empowered to lead self-determining lives, and have the ability to set the precedence for the design and delivery of prevention, early intervention and out of home care services.
  • The Alliance establishes itself as a state-wide body, funded to support and advocate on behalf of community controlled organisations in the Aboriginal children and families sector to provide informed knowledge and a unified voice.
  • Aboriginal carers need better support, ensuring equitable access to support services that are responsive to their needs, adequately resourced, protected and connected to culture to support growth and to sustain the number of carers into the future.
  • Re-establish the Aboriginal Children’s Forum as an Aboriginal led Forum operated by ACCOs.
  • To strengthen the collection of data, evidence and identification of research to inform policy, practice and evaluation of out of home care and diversionary options for Aboriginal children and young people.
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