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Jurors, social media and the right of an accused to a fair trial

Criminal justice Jury trials Social media Tasmania

Jurors’ use of social media and other internet activity during criminal trials is the focus of research underway at the Tasmania Law Reform Institute (TLRI). There has been limited research in this area in Australia and overseas. The prevalence of juror misconduct of this kind remains largely unknown.

This Issues Paper seeks to elicit discussion on jurors’ use of social media during criminal trials. The Institute seeks to:

  • assess the nature and gravity of this phenomenon; 
  • explore how and why juror misconduct of this kind occurs and the underlying causes; 
  • canvass laws and practices which exist to safeguard against this misconduct, and those that exist to remedy such misconduct after it occurs; and 
  • examine the operation and efficacy of these measures and possible alternatives.
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TLRI Final Report No.30
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