The 'Our SG Heritage Plan' is the first master plan for Singapore’s heritage and museum sector which outlines the broad strategies and initiatives for the sector over the year 2018 to 2022.

The 'Our SG Heritage Plan' seeks to:

  • Articulate the value and importance of heritage for Singaporeans, especially its role in connecting communities, strengthening identity and belonging, and improving quality of life.
  • Take stock of our heritage efforts in the past few years, highlighting the good work that has been done, but also noting the gaps that have yet to be addressed.
  • Share plans for the road ahead, so that public are aware of the efforts being made and how they can get involved.

In this plan, four sectors are addressed:

"Our Places": 

  • Incorporate heritage considerations into planning

  • Create a tangible heritage inventory

  • Strengthen research and documentation
  • Enliven our historic precincts
  • Incorporate heritage into public places
  • Promote greater awareness of national monuments

"Our Cultures": 

  • Strengthen research and documentation

  • Encourage greater awareness and transmission of intangible cultural heritage

  • Ratify the UNESCO 2003 convention

  • Nominate a singapore intangible cultural heritage element for UNESCO’s representative list

"Our Treasures": 

  • Build and care for the national collection

  • Develop a national register for singapore-based collections

  • Improving our museums and institutions

  • Develop and present more “curated-by-singapore” content

  • Provide stronger stewardship for museum sector

  • Nurture a love of heritage amongst our young

  • Safeguard archaeological heritage

  • Commemorate key milestones in our history

  • Build international partnerships and showcase singapore’s heritage to the world

"Our Communities": 

  • Support more ground-up initiatives

  • Collaborate with more community partners

  • Reach out through technology

  • Facilitate inter-community understanding

  • Reach out to underserved communities

  • Encourage volunteerism and giving

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