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Re-imagining urban movement: at the intersection of a nature reserve, underground railway and eco-bridge

This article explores urban movement, paying specific attention to transportation in the urban context of Singapore.
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Precarities of migrant work in Singapore: migration, (im)mobility, and neoliberal governmentality

Building on dialectical relationship between mobility and materiality, and drawing on collaborations with foreign domestic workers (FDWs) and migrant construction workers (MCWs) in Singapore in co-creating communication infrastructures, this article theorises resistance as mobilities in Asia.
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The COVID-19 pandemic and outbreak inequality: mainstream reporting of Singapore's migrant workers in the margins

Singapore saw a majority of COVID-19 infections plaguing low-skilled migrant construction workers by late April 2020. In the initial phases of the outbreak, mainstream frames were quick to highlight the gathering of low-skilled workers in open areas as sites to be surveilled, shaping the divisive...
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Migration and health in the construction industry: culturally centering voices of Bangladeshi workers in Singapore

Construction workers globally face disproportionate threats to health and wellbeing, constituted by the nature of the work they perform. This paper draws on the culture-centered approach (CCA) to dialogically articulate meanings of workplace risks and injuries, voiced by Bangladeshi migrant construction workers in Singapore.
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"Thrown away like a banana leaf”: Precarity of labour and precarity of place for Tamil migrant construction workers in Singapore

Despite labouring for three decades in Singapore, and being connected to the existing Tamil diasporic community there, Tamil migrant construction workers have been left out of state rhetoric and face economic marginalisation and social exclusion. In this article, the authors draw on rich ethnographic data...
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Refiguring global construction challenges through ethnography

As our more recent work has shown, ethnographic engagements in the construction industry reveal social, experiential and often unspoken ways of knowing. It is vital to understand these aspects in order to address any of the industry’s enduring challenges, such as worker training and safety...
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Fact Check Fact File: Singapore is often praised for its coronavirus response. How does it compare to Australia's?

Fact Check examines the early steps taken by Singapore to contain the coronavirus pandemic, and how it changed.

Manning the mission for advanced manufacturing: new demands on talent in Singapore's energy, chemicals and utilities industries

Representing close to 20 percent of Singapore’s 2016 GDP, manufacturing is a key pillar of the nation’s economy. Today, the city-state is committed to leveraging Industry 4.0 as part of a national push into advanced manufacturing. More critically, Singapore recognises that successful Industry 4.0 adoption...

Arts Resource Hub

The Arts Resource Hub was set up by the Singapore National Arts Council in August 2019 to provide freelance arts workers with resources to sustainably continue their practice, unlock opportunities and grow careers.
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Influence of rainfall on the thermal and energy performance of a low rise building in diverse locations of the hot humid tropics

Rainfall is seldom addressed in the analysis of climates for building design, usually neglected for building thermal performance calculations, and there is very little research about its potential cooling effect.