Our SG arts plan (2018 – 2022)

Excellence that inspires our people and connects our communities
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The 'Our SG Arts Plan' (2018–2022) maps the National Arts Council’s priorities over the next five years to enhance Singapore’s arts development.

It outlines the current state of the arts in Singapore, and what the National Arts Council's vision for the future of the arts:

  • Achieving Arts Excellence
  • Strong State Support and Public Institutions
  • Diversifying Support for the Arts
  • Enlarging Social Commons in Diversity
  • Strengthening National Identity and Shared Heritage
  • Harnessing Technology
  • Growing Diverse Capabilities
  • Providing Access and Opportunity
  • Growing Audiences
  • Unlocking Arts Spaces

This policy has also identified three strategic thrusts:

  • "Inspire Our People": Singaporeans are empowered to create, present and appreciate excellent art.
  • "Connect Our Communities": Diverse communities come together to enjoy and support the arts.
  • "Position Singapore Globally": Arts and culture icons and works are appreciated by audiences and critics at home and abroad
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