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Social enterprises, both individually and collectively, are uniquely placed to help support Queensland to reach these targets. Social enterprises are defined as businesses led by a social purpose, deriving a substantial portion of their income from trade and reinvesting most of their profits to fulfil their purpose.

The social enterprise sector in Queensland is gaining momentum and is collaborating to build and move the sector forward. This grassroots movement is happening around the world as people seek to address issues facing communities, society and the environment.

The Queensland government is committed to partnering with the social enterprise sector, including philanthropic and corporate partners, to support job creation for disadvantaged Queenslanders. We can learn a lot from social enterprises when it comes to sustainable job creation and working with those traditionally disadvantaged in the labour market to build the confidence and skills needed to gain and maintain meaningful employment.

The Queensland Social Enterprise Strategy (QSES) proposes three key focus areas to prioritise support to help social enterprises to grow, thrive and create jobs:

  • building capability and capacity
  • making connections
  • improving market access.

Under these focus areas are eight actions, which set out how we will help grow social enterprises in Queensland and assist in the development of a sustainable ecosystem to provide long term benefits to the sector.

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