This brief is part of the IRENA project “Innovation landscape for a renewable-powered future”, which maps the relevant innovations, identifies the synergies and formulates solutions for integrating high shares of variable renewable energy (VRE) into power systems.

The synthesis report, Innovation landscape for a renewable-powered future: Solutions to integrate variable renewables (IRENA, 2019), illustrates the need for synergies among different innovations to create actual solutions. Solutions to drive the uptake of solar and wind power span four broad dimensions of innovation: enabling technologies, business models, market design and system operation.

Along with the synthesis report, the project includes a series of briefs, each covering one of 30 key innovations identified across those four dimensions.

This brief provides an overview of utility-scale stationary battery storage systems –  also referred to as front-of-the-meter, large-scale or grid-scale battery storage – and their role in integrating a greater share of VRE in the system by providing the flexibility needed. The brief highlights some examples of large-scale battery storage deployment and the impact of this technology on the power system.

The brief is structured as follows:

  1. Description
  2. Contribution to power sector transformation
  3. Key factors to enable deployment
  4. Current status and examples of ongoing initiatives
  5. Implementation requirements: Checklist
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