Giving young people the opportunity to share their views and experiences of detention and the youth justice system, this survey considers matters that affect their safety and wellbeing.

The Commission’s latest survey shows that young people in Queensland’s youth detention centres are positive about many aspects of their safety and wellbeing. For instance, most young people report feeling well treated on their arrival in detention, feeling safe, getting high quality health care, and benefiting from a wide range of programs.

The survey also points to areas that require further investigation, including claims of derogatory language being used by some youth workers toward young people, and the high proportion of young people who report being subject to separation and restraint during their stay in detention.

Young people’s responses to this survey have also highlighted opportunities to enhance the quality of care provided to young people in detention. These include increasing the use of video-conferencing technology to maintain regular family contact, introducing additional health checks-ups, and improving young people’s engagement in aftercare programs through a focus on practical elements like work, training, sport and social networking.

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