Support Grow Transform Lead: Indigenous Allied Health Australia Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Indigenous health Primary health care Australia

The strategic plan is developed and owned by Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) members – a collective of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous people and organisations who believe in the essential role allied health plays in a holistic, culturally-responsive health system. This plan focuses on IAHA’s intended direction for the next three years.

Key findings:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing, being and doing can influence and transform systems through collective action and partnership.
  • IAHA aims to collaborate with integrity, find strength in and value diversity, and will seek and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led strategies to meet local needs.
  • The organisation supports and promotes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership, strength, resilience and self-determination. We affirm that health is a fundamental human right and every human being is entitled to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health conducive to living a life in dignity.
  • IAHA will embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, perspectives and innovations in everything they do, committing to ensuring that members' voices are heard in written policy submissions, advocacy and programs.


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