Housing strategy for South Australia

30 Sep 2011

Housing is important to all of us. It affects our communities and lives in far reaching ways, contributing to health, employment and the opportunities we have.

During the consultations undertaken as part of the update of South Australia's Strategic Plan, participants identified 'access to affordable housing' as the second most important priority for our state, second only to 'feeling and being safe', something which is also linked to housing.

The Plan has a strong emphasis on housing with the goal 'Everyone has a place to call home' underpinned by five targets:


  • Target 7 - Affordable Housing



  • Target 8 - Housing stress



  • Target 9 - Aboriginal housing



  • Target 10 - Homelessness



  • Target 11 - Housing for people with a disability


    To help achieve these targets, the state government is developing a new Housing Strategy for South Australia and we want you to help us shape it.

    A Green Paper, Housing Strategy for South Australia, has been released seeking public and stakeholder comment on the proposed directions for the state. Submissions in response to the Green Paper can be provided by email to  

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