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Australian Local Government Association


National waste policy: action plan 2019

This plan complements and supports the implementation of better waste management plans by state and territory governments, local government, business and industry.

Availability of local news and information

This paper seeks to draw together what is known about the quantum of local news journalism in the regions of Australia and how this is changing, as well as making an original contribution to this knowledge. It is a consolidation of information gleaned from government...

Report on the National Local Government Cultural Forum Initiative 2013-2018

This work was recognised by the United Cities and Local Government Committee on Culture, who endorsed the Cultural Forum initiative as one of 120 global ‘good practice’ examples in the area of culture and local sustainable development.
Policy report

All politics is local: 12 ways to deliver for Australian communities

The policy initiatives outlined in this document will provide every council and federal member with the opportunity to deliver tangible outcomes to every community in Australia.

National state of the assets report 2013

Roads are by far local government’s biggest asset. Local roads comprise more than 80% by length of Australia’s total road network, on which more than 25% of the transport task is undertaken, and have an estimated value of about $145bn. Its vital local government maintain...