There are 537 councils in Australia – serving almost every community across the nation – that make up the third democratically-elected level of government in the Australian Federation. Councillors elected from within their local community are directly accountable for the planning, coordination, facilitation and delivery of council services and infrastructure to all residents within their municipality. As the level of government that is closest to communities, councils are in a unique position to help the Commonwealth deliver programs and projects in every federal electorate.

While the formal recognition of local government in the Constitution remains essential to the long-term relationship between the Commonwealth and local government, past federal governments have recognised the critical value of a partnership with local government to achieve fairness and equity in our communities. Councils can ensure all Australians benefit from the nation’s growth story by facilitating an environment that: enables local industry and business to thrive; boosts local and regional economies; and helps households get equitable access to services and infrastructure.

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