Department of the Environment and Energy (Australia)

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Recycling market situation: summary review

Sustainable Resource Use was commissioned by the federal government to undertake a literature review of opportunities to grow markets in recycled glass, plastics and rubber, and paper and cardboard. This paper reviews the state of the market, the roles of governments, brand owners and retailers...

Australia’s emissions projections 2019

This report provides detail on emissions trends, including sector specific analysis of factors driving emissions. The report estimates the emissions reduction effort required to meet Australia’s emissions reduction targets.

State party report on the state of conservation of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area (Australia)

This report outlines Australia’s response to Decision 41 COM 7B.24 of the World Heritage Committee. The report outlines how the Australian government is attempting to address the pressures facing the Great Barrier Reef.
Discussion paper

Independent Review of the EPBC Act: discussion paper

The EPBC Act requires that an independent review be undertaken at least once every ten years. The review must examine the operation of the Act and the extent to which its objects have been achieved. The last review was completed in 2009. This discussion paper...

Partnering with Indigenous organisations for a sustainable environment

This document is intended as a resource for people from non-Indigenous organisations considering actions they could take to build effective and respectful partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities.