Graeme Samuel

Graeme Samuel is a Vice Chancellor's Professorial Fellow in the Monash Business School and co-director of the Monash Business Policy Forum at Monash University. He has specialist expertise in competition and consumer regulation, communications and media, corporate governance, strategic planning and change management, public policy and dealings with government and regulators.

Independent Review of the EPBC Act: interim report

This interim report suggests that the EPBC Act does not position the Commonwealth to protect the environment and Australia’s iconic places in the national interest. The operation of the Act is dated and inefficient, and it is not fit to manage current or future environmental...
Discussion paper

Independent Review of the EPBC Act: discussion paper

The EPBC Act requires that an independent review be undertaken at least once every ten years. The review must examine the operation of the Act and the extent to which its objects have been achieved. The last review was completed in 2009. This discussion paper...

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority capability review

This review was recommended by the Hayne Royal Commission. The damaging revelations revealed during the Commission’s inquiry have had a profound impact on the community. Trust in the financial system and its regulators has diminished. Community expectations about the role of regulators have been heightened.

Will the media survive the digital revolution?

Coping with change will require flexibility from both the media and regulators and that change will only continue to accelerate, argues the ACCC chair. But the legacy of that change is that technology and the growing swell of community input is placing the future of...

Australian broadband network continues to grow rapidly

The Australian broadband network continues to grow rapidly despite the current "noise and bluster" about telecommunications competition and access regulation, according to the ACCC chair, Graeme Samuel, in this speech at the ATUG Annual Conference in Sydney.