Leadership has been identified as one of the factor contributes to construction organisation success. Therefore, leadership has acts as an admixture to the sum of leader’s effort and subordinates teamwork in order to accomplish organisational goals. There are several types of leadership style that have been practiced by leaders in the construction industry, however, there are still several morality issues such as corruptions, mismanagement and spillages occurred among leaders in the industry. Therefore, a new established leadership style such as sustainable leadership (SL) is needed to reduce any circumstances that can affect both individual and organisation in the construction industry. SL has been recognised by its holistic approaches, which include sustainability elements into it. Additionally, SL is not just depending on leader’s ability and resolution only, but to maintain the continuously efforts and achieving results are important. The aim of this paper is to explore the theoretical review of sustainable leadership (SL). A literature review on sustainable leadership (SL) is gained from journals and books of SL and leadership style in construction industry. The overall intent of this paper is to highlight the values and benefits of SL so that it can be adapted by leaders in construction organisation.

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