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Audit of economic security as an effective tool to prevent corruption in a construction company

Auditing Construction industry Corruption Ethical construction Russia (Federation)

An audit of economic security helps to prevent corruption, as well as an assessment of awareness in the struggle against corruption. Audit can promote the implementation of ways to protect the economy of the construction industry against corruption. The authors pay special attention to the problem of the construction industry in Russia. Practical questions of the audit of economic security, which are considered in the article, solve the problems of financial control in the system of anti-corruption policy. The purpose of this study is to develop an audit mechanism for economic security, as a system to prevent internal and external threats and risks. The main concept of the research is aimed at the formation of an audit of economic security in the construction industry. Effective work to prevent corruption in the relations of construction organizations is ensured by the formation of an internal control system to prevent the causes of corruption in the construction sector. It is necessary to take into account the fact that analysis of risk factors at the level of the operating segment in the construction industry can contribute to the development of this area.

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