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Russia (Federation)


Any tidal wave could drown us: stories from the climate crisis

This report showcases communities’ experiences in seven brief case studies to provide a snapshot of how climate change negatively affects the enjoyment of human rights in different contexts, particularly of those who are marginalised, neglected or oppressed.

The geopolitical implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The policy background to this assessment is that Russia’s outright invasion of Ukraine is an extremely dangerous moment for global security because Europe’s security order is now being fundamentally challenged with the real risk of escalation into a major war involving Russia and the United...

Stumbling bear, soaring dragon: Russia, China and the geopolitics of global science

This report argues that Western universities need to brace for a geopolitical shock that could dislocate global research networks and dramatically narrow the range of potential collaborative partners.
Briefing paper

Russia’s ill-fated invasion of Ukraine: lessons in modern warfare

This analysis examines lessons from Russian air, ground, cyber and other domains following Moscow’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine. It asks: What are some of the most important military lessons from the first three months of the war? What do these lessons suggest about the...

Turning point? Putin, Xi, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine

At their Beijing summit in February 2022, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin proclaimed a 'friendship without limits.' Yet Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and the Chinese response to it, has exposed the limitations of the Sino–Russian partnership, argues Bobo Lo in this...

International investment implications of Russia’s war against Ukraine

The Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine is primarily a human tragedy. It also has manifold implications for global policy-making. This report seeks to inform the international investment policy community hosted at the OECD about: the main implications for investment policy; measures, impacts and trends that...

Russia’s war in Ukraine: identity, history, and conflict

This paper explains the erroneous assumptions that the Kremlin made about Ukrainian identity that informed its decision-making and laid the foundations for its war against Ukraine.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Gina Rinehart says polar bear numbers have increased.

In a video made by Gina Rinehart to mark the 125th anniversary of her Perth alma mater, the mining magnate claimed polar bear numbers have increased. Verdict: Mrs Rinehart's claim doesn't check out.

US ties to allies under the Biden Administration

This report argues that President Biden may be more predictable and less transactional than Trump, but the world order has witnessed a significant change. Moreover, while the new US president has made working with allies and multilateralism a priority, his primary challenges are domestic.


This document is the result of a major inquiry into threat that Russia poses to the United Kingdom (Cyber; Disinformation and Influence; and Russian Expatriates). The investigation included a number of evidence sessions with a broad range of witnesses over the course of eight months...

The prospects for U.S-Russian arms control

This report aims to take stock of the current state of U.S.-Russian arms control (or the lack thereof), evaluating possible alternatives—including a trilateral process with China and more flexible political agreements—and laying down the issues and possible trade-offs that will be on the negotiation table...
Policy report

The Minsk Conundrum: Western policy and Russia’s war in Eastern Ukraine

The Minsk agreements rest on two irreconcilable interpretations of Ukraine’s sovereignty: is Ukraine sovereign, as Ukrainians insist, or should its sovereignty be limited, as Russia demands? Instead of trying to resolve an unresolvable contradiction, Western policymakers should acknowledge the starkness of the Minsk conundrum.

The changing geopolitics of nuclear energy

This report illuminates how the changing market competition among the United States, Russia, and China will affect their future relations with nuclear commerce recipient countries, and discusses why Russia and China promote nuclear commerce, as well as which factors may alter their market competitiveness.

How the geopolitical partnership between China and Russia threatens the West

This paper examines Russian and Chinese concepts of great-power war in the 21st century, their views of the West and its military capabilities, and what risks they might both take to regain lost territories.
Policy report

A new Sino-Russian high-tech partnership

This paper is intended to start an initial mapping and exploration of the expanding cooperative ecosystem involving Moscow and Beijing. It will be important to track the trajectory and assess the implications of these Sino-Russian technological collaborations, given the risks and threats that could result...

Unfair game: persecution of human rights defenders in Russia intensifies

Human rights defenders in Russia have always faced harassment, intimidation, physical attacks and arbitrary arrests for their work. However, in recent years, the level and extent of the reprisals they face has increased significantly. This publication provides a snapshot of the current dire situation through...

Youth voice for the future of work

This survey report aims to fill the gap surrounding international comparable data on perceptions on the future work.

Once more with feeling: Russia and the Asia-Pacific

This analysis argues that real changes are taking place, both in Moscow’s approach towards the Asia-Pacific and in Russian foreign policy more generally. There is a demonstrably greater appetite to reach out to the countries and institutions of the Asia-Pacific region.

India and Russia: an unbroken, long-term relationship

India and Russia (as the Soviet Union) developed a mutually satisfactory relationship that may have fluctuated in enthusiasm but, which, since the exchange of visits to New Delhi and Moscow in 1955, has long prevailed, it being too valuable to let go.
Journal article

Reuse of construction materials after demolition of buildings

The purpose of this research work is an evaluation of the growth the volume of reuse building scrap in Voronezh region. The main task is elimination obstacles of the growth potential of using this dismantle technology with following construction low-rise houses made from reused materials.

Report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election

The US Department of Justice has released a redacted copy of special counsel Robert Mueller's report. This report covers subjects ranging from questions about Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election to whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice.

India’s continued reliance on Russia: the China factor

This paper argues that India requires Russia’s military and political support as a counter to the perceived threat that China poses.
Discussion paper

Grand strategy alternatives 2019

The Strategic Multilayer Assessment's 'Future of Great Power Competition and Conflict' project is researching how the United States might strategize to defend its global interests. This paper supports the project in deriving some grand strategy alternatives specifically related to China (twelve) and Russia (ten).

India’s expanding strategic relations with Russia and France

This paper argues that India will expand the scope and range of its strategic partnerships, if not create alliances, with both France and Russia.
Briefing paper

Complex strategic coercion and Russian military modernization

The purpose of this briefing paper is to consider the capability and utility of contemporary Russian forces in relation to Vladimir Putin’s strategic goals. Specifically, this paper examines the critical role played by Russia’s 'new look' military force in the realization of Moscow’s political goals...