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Digital frontrunners: country spotlights 2019

Meet the nations leading the way in digitalisation
Future of work Industry 4.0 Digital access Artificial Intelligence (AI) Digital economy Government services Society 4.0 Digital convergence

New technology, ageing populations, and globalisation are driving some of the biggest changes in labour markets around the world. Many policymakers are asking questions like, how can we:

  • Harness AI and new tech to deliver an inclusive world of work?
  • Harness mega trends like migration?
  • Get businesses, governments and academia to work more effectively together?
  • Uncover new ways to drive innovation?
  • Motivate workers to become continuous, lifelong learners?

Nesta's new spotlight series provides insights from – the digital frontrunners – Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden, which can be applied and scaled by governments around the world.

For each country you will find:

1. Key statistics and indicators:

  • Population size
  • Median age
  • Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)
  • Percentage of population with basic digital skills
  • Percentage of population with above basic digital skills
  • Percentage of female Information and Communications Technology (ICT) specialists
  • Percentage of adults aged 25 to 64 who participate in lifelong learning

2. The country’s priorities when it comes to responding to digitalisation

3. Case studies that exemplify how these priorities are being addressed

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