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CRE-IQI Year 4 Review: progress report 2018

Strengthening the health system through integrated quality improvement and partnership
Aboriginal people (Australia) Primary health care First Peoples health Monitoring and evaluation Australia

The CRE-IQI Year 4 Review Progress Report 2018 summarises the first four years of operation of the Centre for Research Excellence in Integrated Quality Improvement, which is funded for five years (2014–2019) by the National Health and Medical Research Council. It is being undertaken as part of the ongoing developmental evaluation of the CRE-IQI – both its program of work and its success as an Innovation Platform – and to guide and inform the CRE-IQI’s work into the future.

With input from members of the CRE-IQI Research Advisory Committee, Steering Committee and Management Committee, the Review examines:

  • Progress of the CRE-IQI to date, in terms of outputs and achievements, and in meeting our aims.
  • Significance of the key messages emerging from the CRE-IQI research, and how these relate to our priorities for PHC service and system development.
  • Key findings emerging from the evaluation of the CRE-IQI.
  • Priorities for the final 15 months of the current CRE-IQI collaboration.
  • Priorities for further collaborative research on quality improvement in Indigenous PHC.

This Year 4 Review follows up on insights gained from the Year 2 Review and earlier feedback from the Research Advisory Committee. This review is intentionally high level and focused on key messages emerging from the CRE-IQI. Further detail about our outputs can be found in the Appendices.

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