Response to the NIAA Indigenous Tourism Fund discussion paper

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Arts, culture and First Nations self-determination are central to the development of Indigenous tourism in Australia. Culture is transmitted through art, and through art culture is kept strong. First Nations arts experiences play an important and growing role in tourism in Australia, both domestically and internationally. National Indigenous Arts Awards. This submission argues that as a priority area, the fund should support First Nations-led arts and culture enterprises and organisations to capitalise on tourism opportunities, and development of skills and opportunities for First Nations artists and culture workers in this space. 

Key Findings:

  • There are opportunities for the Indigenous Tourism Fund to nurture talent and intergenerational cultural transmission through cultural apprenticeships in arts and cultural tourism in partnership with the Australia Council’s Chosen program.
  • Economic value and cultural value are intrinsically connected. The cultural and creative industries fuel regional and remote economies, the national economy and international economies, and help drive international engagement with Australia.
  • Over decades of Australia Council investment, we have seen a flourishing of expressions of First Nations arts and culture. Australia’s First Nations arts are a source of great pride to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and a reflection of cultural strength, resilience, innovation and artistic excellence.
  • For the First Nations tourism industry to be sustainable there is a need to nurture talent for ongoing arts and cultural activity, without which First Nations cultural tourism will not be possible. Intergenerational cultural transfer is vital for artists to gain their cultural knowledge and is a key pathway for artists to acquire their cultural capital, thus ensuring cultural succession planning.
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