This report provides an opportunity for Aboriginal women who are clients of the Kunga Stopping Violence Program (KSVP) in Alice Springs Correctional Centre to contribute to our deepening understanding of the life events that led to their incarceration.

The research explored the lives of 12 Aboriginal women who were clients of the KSVP, and were incarcerated for alleged violent offences in Central Australia. Analysis of their life stories leading up to their incarceration demonstrates the critical need for services that can effectively respond to the trauma of women’s lives and prevent future incarceration.

Further, the research also:

  • applied a trauma lens to the life stories of Aboriginal women in Central Australia who have been incarcerated
  • identified the interventions, services and supports that can divert women into programs to prevent incarceration
  • highlighted the need for a coordinated service response
  • identified service reforms to meet the needs of Aboriginal women experiencing complex trauma.

The methodology used for this research privileges the voices of Aboriginal women and therefore gives primacy to the experiences of the women as expressed in their own words.

The report includes recommendations for policy and practice.

Publication Details
ANROWS Research Report 03/2020
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