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“It’s good to know each other, to be Kungas” final report

An evaluation report for the Kunga Stopping Violence Program - January 2021
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This is an evaluation report produced on behalf of the Kunga Stopping Violence Program (KSVP), a throughcare program supporting Aboriginal women who have been incarcerated in the Alice Springs Correctional Centre for an alleged violent offence. It replaces an earlier interim report, published in August 2020.

The evaluation employed a mix of traditional ethnographic methods and an experimental media-production-as-evaluation method. It is based on data gathered through a media production workshop with formerly-incarcerated KSVP clients (in December 2021), interviews conducted with KSVP clients, staff, and stakeholders/service providers whose work intersects with the Kunga Stopping Violence Program (in November 2020 and February 2020), participatory observation and analysis of non-confidential documents and published reports. The findings also draw on data from radio packages produced with Kunga women incarcerated in the Alice Springs Correctional Centre in 2018.

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