The Keeping Women out of Prison (KWOOP) Coalition identified a gap in the availability of consolidated evidence on the status of women in prison in NSW and the services available to them.

In 2019 it commissioned this baseline study to address this gap. The full report of the study data is contained in Profile of women in prison in NSW: Part A. A snapshot. Part B is the census of services for women affected by the corrections system was compiled as part of the Keeping Women out of Prison (KWOOP) Coalition research study.

Key Findings:

  • This baseline study paints a disturbing picture of women in prison in New South Wales. It confirms the high proportion of women who experience multiple factors of disadvantage (mental health, disability, homelessness, histories of abuse, trauma and violence) that individually, and in combination, contribute to particular vulnerability to involvement with the criminal justice system.
  • The overrepresentation of Indigenous women further reflects the unacceptably high levels of disadvantage and discrimination experienced by Indigenous people within criminal justice systems across Australian jurisdictions.
  • A targeted strategic taskforce should be established to consider and drive development and implementation a long-term multifaceted strategy. This would include specific initiatives for Indigenous women to reduce rates of imprisonment.
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