Final report of national advisory council on dental health

2 Mar 2012

As a good oral health foundation in childhood is the key determinant of oral health throughout life, the Council commends the importance of a universal option for children. However, given the existing fiscal environment, the Council has included scaled down options for children, and adult options that are focused mainly on the most economically disadvantaged.

The Council agrees that the long‐term goal for dental health in Australia should be a system that allows universal access to dental care. However, any of the four options in the report will entail preparatory work involving legislation and, most likely, COAG consideration. Therefore, the Council has provided, as a first step, forerunner measures that could be implemented while preparatory work is being advanced.

Membership of the National Advisory Council on Dental Health

Ms Mary Murnane (Chair), Professor John Spencer, Ms Julie Barke, Dr Tessa Boyd‐Caine, Professor Johann de Vries, Dr Martin Dooland, Dr Shane Fryer, Mr Adam Longshaw, Dr Jenny May, Mr Tony McBride, Ms Prue Power, and Professor Hal Swerissen.


Image: emrank / flickr

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