NSW health and medical research strategic review 2012

7 Jun 2012

Two critical strategies are central to the Review’s final report: fostering innovation and translation of evidence; and building our capacity to conduct research that’s globally relevant. Both of these strategies have national relevance.

In 2011, the NSW Government established the Health and Medical Research Strategic Review to develop a tenyear plan. The Review undertook an extensive analysis of the facts, including consultation with experts and the public, identified best practice examples from Australia and overseas and considered research output and quality benchmarks.

Research is inherently competitive and the Review found that NSW already has many advantages, arising from our strong clinical networks, our clinical trial capacity, leadership in translational research and a strong science base. NSW has several world-class research institutions, many high quality research assets and a cutting-edge science capability that has led to the successful application and commercialisation of research, including medical devices. Global companies, such as Cochlear and ResMed, have established their headquarters in this state and developed front-line technologies that dramatically improve quality of life, creating high value jobs and generating wealth for NSW.

Each year, NSW government invests millions of dollars in research infrastructure, buildings, and directly supports
research relevant to health policy and clinical practice. Future investment will need to be better coordinated
and policy settings will have to effectively capitalise on our strengths. Increasingly, research will be collaborative,
bringing many disciplines together from laboratories, population health research centres, to primary care
locations and hospitals and aged-care settings.

A strategic investment in health and medical research will build upon recent discoveries to address unsolved health problems, find better ways to improve our quality of life, and identify efficiencies in the way we provide health care. Such an investment will also have substantial direct and indirect benefits to the NSW economy.


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