Review of administration and expenditure no. 9 (2009 - 2010) - Australian intelligence agencies

Defence National security Australia

This is the first full review of the administration and expenditure of Australia's six intelligence agencies carried out by the Committee of the 43rd Parliament.

Under Section 29 of the Intelligence Services Act 2001 (the Act), the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security has an obligation to review the administration and expenditure of ASIO, ASIS, DSD, DIGO, ONA and DIO, including their annual financial statements.

This is the report of the Committee of the 43rd Parliament’s Review of Administration and Expenditure No. 9 – Australian Intelligence Agencies.

Submissions were sought from each of the six intelligence and security agencies, from the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) and from the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS) (see Appendix A).

The submissions from ANAO and the six intelligence agencies were all classified Confidential, Restricted or Secret and are therefore not available to the public. As has been its practice for previous reviews, ASIO provided the Committee with both a classified and an unclassified submission. The unclassified version is available on the Committee’s website.

The Committee also received a submission from the ANAO and from the IGIS. The IGIS’ submission was made available on the Committee’s website. More comment in relation to the ANAO is contained in Chapter 3 on Expenditure.

Each of the Defence intelligence agencies provided the Committee with a classified submission. The agencies marked each paragraph with its relevant national security classification. This has enabled the Committee for its 2009-10 review to directly refer to unclassified information provided in the Defence agencies submissions.

The Committee also received five submission from members of the public or public organisations which included:

  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project
  • R.I.S.E.
  • Refugee Council of Australia

These submissions all dealt with ASIO security assessments of refugees.

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