Summary of IT use and innovation in Australian business, 2010-11

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Australian businesses received online orders worth $189 billion in the twelve months to 2010-11, according to this release on the incidence of use of information technology and innovation in Australian business.

This includes orders received from Australian households, businesses and government, as well as orders received from overseas customers.

This is up from $143 billion in 2009-10 and represents a 32% increase.

Over half of Australian businesses (51%) reported placing orders via the internet, a nine percent increase from 2009-10.

The proportion of businesses that reported receiving orders via the internet increased by 13% to 28%. Half or more of the businesses in the wholesale trade and manufacturing industries reported receiving orders online (52% and 50% respectively). The retail industry came in sixth place (35%).

Businesses reporting a web presence increased from 40% to 43%. Nearly all large businesses had a web presence (97%), compared to one-third of micro businesses.

Just under 40% of Australian businesses reported some form of innovative activity in 2010-11.

Large businesses were more than twice as likely to undertake innovative activity than micro businesses (66% compared to 30%).

Over half of all businesses in Wholesale trade industry reported being innovation-active, the highest of any industry.

This release is based on data collected by the 2010-11 Business Characteristics Survey.

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