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Indigenous reform 2010-11: comparing performance across Australia

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This report presents progress against indicators in the National Indigenous reform agreement, which sets out the policy framework and the six targets for commonwealth, state and territory governments to close the gap in Indigenous disadvantage in health, education and employment.

It is the role of The COAG Reform Council to assess and report on the performance of governments against the targets and performance indicators of the national agreement. This report only considers four targets of the six set out in the national agreement, including:

  • close the life expectancy gap within a generation
  • halve the gap in death rates for Indigenous children under five within a decade
  • halve the gap for Indigenous students in reading, writing and numeracy within a decade
  • halve the gap for Indigenous 20-24 year olds in Year 12 or equivalent attainment rates by 2020.

Recommendations from the Reform Council are included in this report.

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