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Distributed Energy Resources, or ‘DER’, are smaller– scale devices that can either use, generate or store electricity, and form a part of the local distribution system, serving homes and businesses.

DER can include renewable generation such as rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, energy storage, electric vehicles (EVs), and technology to manage demand at a premises.

DER also offer additional opportunities that complement and amplify the benefits of customer investments. These opportunities include services that help ensure the security and reliability of the power system, and innovative business models that offer new value for customers.

The Energy Transformation Taskforce’s vision for DER by 2025 is:

A future where DER is integral to a safe, reliable and efficient electricity system, and where the full capabilities of DER can provide benefits and value to all customers.

There are three parts to this vision:

  1. A safe and reliable electricity system where customers can continue to connect DER and where DER supports the system in an efficient way.
  2. DER capability can offer value throughout the electricity supply chain.
  3. DER benefits are flowing to all customers, both with and without DER.

The DER roadmap is the set of actions, action owners and timeframes required to realise this vision. The roadmap outlines the way to achieving key milestones on the journey.

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