Australian Energy Regulator

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Review of consumer protections for future energy services

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is undertaking a review of the retailer authorisation and exemption frameworks to assess whether the current energy consumer protection framework remains fit for purpose in a transitioning energy market. The AER believes the current regulatory framework will not be fit...

Towards energy equity: a strategy for an inclusive energy market

This strategy is focused on reducing barriers to participation, supporting energy consumers experiencing payment difficulty, ensuring the consumer voice is heard in sector reforms, and improving affordability by reducing the cost to serve energy consumers.

AER Annual compliance and enforcement report 2021–22

This report summarises the Australian Energy Regulator's compliance and enforcement outcomes which are a key tool in the regulatory toolkit, deployed with the aim of ensuring that energy consumers are better off, now and in the future.

Regulating gas pipelines under uncertainty: information paper

This information paper examines the factors causing downward pressure on domestic gas demand in Australia’s eastern states and options to manage the potential pricing risks for current and future gas consumers.

Improving energy bills: final report

The report applies behavioural insights to the design of energy bills. It will inform the Australian Energy Regulator’s development of a new, 'Better Bills Guideline', in order to simplify energy bills so consumers can better understand and manage their energy usage and costs and find...