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The prevalence of cost overruns in public sector construction projects in South Africa has been observed. This has been attributed to ineffectual approaches to cost management within these projects. The prior study by the authors has made sense of these observations an understanding of existing cost management approaches. Accordingly, this study seeks to identify Lean opportunities from existing cost management practices. Such opportunities will enable identification of effective cost management during project delivery. Adopting a qualitative case study research design, the study relies on data obtained from a purposively selected list of interviewees from a cadre of cases, i.e., recently completed public sector construction projects in South Africa. These interviews will be juxtaposed with evidence from project-related documents. Based on the data, the study will provide a vignette of lean-led cost management frameworks applied to these projects. Encompassing various stages of the project delivery lifecycle, this vignette will enable an identification lean lead cost management on these projects. Subsequently, the vignette will be validated by interviewees. The expectation is that findings from this study will provide a brief picture of cost management frameworks and enable the introduction of probable lean-based solutions to reverse this unbecoming trend.
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