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Operation and Maintenance (O&M) stage is the most expensive phase during the life cycle of a building. Currently, much of the information used in there is still paper-based and is delivered to the owner months after the facilities are in use. Therefore, it is necessary to study the interaction between Lean principles and Building Information Modeling(BIM) Functionalities in the building during O&M phase to optimize resources. This paper proposes a BIM-FM workflow and compares it with traditional Facility Management in a Peruvian sports infrastructure. The case study was Aquatic Center for the XVIII Pan-American Games and VI Parapan-American Games Lima 2019. The sport infrastructure was designed and built under an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) environment applying BIM methodology until the construction phase. The main difference found is that proposed BIM-FM workflow improves the efficiencies of the workforce for accessing to accuracy and complete information about Facility’s components. Finally, the paper presents barriers in the BIM-FM implementation evidenced in the case study.

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