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Conference paper

Construction projects are becoming more complex due to tighter project schedules, increasing cost and quality pressures and associated continuous change during the execution phase. Technical requirements are also increasing, and division of work between the various technical experts involved is highly fragmented. This results in construction projects with unreliable schedules, cost overruns and defects resulting from the lack of coordination on site. Lean Construction Management (LCM) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) are possible solutions to these challenges. In the past, these two methodological approaches have normally been used independently of each other. The combined implementation of the two methodologies requires the highly systematic setup of project structures, processes and data. This results in huge demand for computing and automation solutions to facilitate and support this synthesis. This paper reports on the implementation of a digital LCM approach. The use of QR codes, Kanban cards and daily meetings demonstrates a new platform to add value to the BIM model and to construction site collaboration. Case study data from five pilot projects – as well as images and workshop findings – are presented and discussed, and the successes achieved and the challenges remaining are examined.

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