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Facility layout design through integration of Lean manufacturing method and CORELAP algorithm in concrete factory

Flow Building materials Design

The company observed was a company engaged in the manufacture of concrete by producing various types of products used for building construction. At the beginning of the establishment, the factory only produced ready-made concrete. Around 2009 the company began producing concrete poles so that the casting station was in a vacuum and backtracking of material flow occurred and transportation waste occurred. The problem that occurs is the long distance in the batching department with the casting station and creates the presence of backtracking. In addition, there are non-value added activities that occur in the waiting process (delay) and the distance of the material that moves away in the production process. Based on these problems required layout design, then a combined approach for lean manufacturing to reduce activities that do not add value and help with layout improvements using the CORELAP algorithm. The method used to solve this problem is to integrate lean manufacturing methods and CORELAP algorithms. This study aims to obtain the layout design of concrete plant facilities through simplification of the production process to increase the company's production capacity. Obtained process cycle efficiency improvements on the results of the lean manufacturing method approach and increased production capacity per day.

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