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Fact Check: NSW Government gave 'incorrect' figures on sniffer dog success rates to Parliament

Illegal drugs
The NSW Government tabled figures on the success rate of drug detection dogs in Parliament last year that NSW Police now say were "incorrect" and produced using "untested methodology". When the Legislative Council resumes for 2020 today, Police Minister David Elliott is expected to table amended figures which show the performance of sniffer dogs in a better light. The new figures show the dogs got it right 31 per cent of the time after indicating a person was carrying drugs in 2018-19. The original statistics, contained in a document signed by Mr Elliott and tabled in the Upper House on his behalf by Education Minister Sarah Mitchell in October, showed drugs were found in just 24 per cent of searches in that year. The Government will table updated figures for the years from 2011-12 to 2018-19, each of which reveals a better success rate for the dogs than originally stated. The new figures show that drugs were found in 33 per cent of all cases over the eight-year period, compared with 24 per cent in the October figures.
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