Operation Betka: an investigation into alleged corrupt conduct by a former contractor of the Department of Education and Training

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Operation Betka was an IBAC investigation into allegations a contracted Senior Project Manager in the Information Technology Division of the Department of Education and Training was involved in serious corrupt conduct.

IBAC investigated allegations that the Project Manager used his position with the Department to provide business opportunities to a company he owned (Company A). This company provided almost $14 million in contracted staffing resources to the Department between 2003 and 2016.

IBAC's investigation identified that the Project Manager used his departmental position to further his private business interests in ways that gave rise to a conflict of interest with his public duties. This involved misusing departmental information, influencing processes for procuring contracted staffing services, and circumventing those processes to obtain an unfair advantage over other IT contractor suppliers.

IBAC identified that the Project Manager had verbally and informally declared his conflict of interest to some departmental managers, including his line managers. However, there were occasions when he should have, but did not, formally declare his conflict to departmental officers who were unaware of his connection to Company A.

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