This report examines how businesses attract investment, the policy settings that underpin investment and innovation, and the support available for start-ups and small business to enter export markets.

It also looks at looks at Australia’s regulatory environment for exports, including government assistance, free trade agreements, and potential regulatory challenges. The report also presents possible future export opportunities for Australia across a range of industry sectors.

Key recommendations:

  • The Committee recommends that the Australian government continue to progress its tax reform agenda, particularly by reducing the company tax rate, as a priority.
  • The Committee recommends that the Australian government investigate improvements that could be made to the Research and Development Tax Incentive, particularly to meet the needs of small and innovative businesses.
  • The Committee recommends that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of Home Affairs work with the music industry to increase access for Australian performing artists to the United States of America market, including consideration of a reciprocal visa arrangement for artist tours and showcases in each other’s countries.
  • The Committee recommends that the Australian government consider further options to support small and medium enterprises to enter (and remain) in export markets.
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