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In this multi-author edition, four leading thinkers explore issues and opportunities of mobilisation in Australia.

Peter Layton explores recent history to argue that Australian defence strategies, and accordingly the ADF’s force structure, need to be designed cognizant of national mobilisation possibilities in Past National Mobilisation Insights: Supply Chains, the People and Supporting Great Power Allies.

Zach Lambert highlights that deliberate fore-planning, especially in concert with the Unites States and South Pacific, can improve Australian mobilisation and sustainment capacity in mutually beneficial ways in Break in Case of War – the Australian/United States Alliance and the Argument for Military Scaling.

Nathan Finney argues that that to determine gaps in force structure and capabilities for expansion, a more robust discussion and analysis must occur, including re-establishing scalability as a core tenant of defence policy in Preventing a Glass Cannon: Increasing the Flexibility and Stamina of the Australian Army.

Chris Barrie necessitates a national debate on the nature, form, requirements and incentives for a universal service scheme in AUSS+IE – Why Australia needs a universal service scheme.

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National mobilisation during war: past insights, future possibilities https://apo.org.au/node/307454

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