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The digital shift has arrived in the construction industry, with the aim of increasing the efficiency. However, how should the industry implement digital tools? And how should a human-technology relationship work?

The purpose of this paper is to illuminate how the construction industry can close the gap between the potential benefits and the harvested benefits of implementation of AI. This paper presents research based on a comprehensive literature review, a case study of a construction project in Norway, and three external interviews.

The case study consists of a document study and seventeen semi-structured interviews. The experiences established through this research indicate that it is possible to gain experience from the implementation of basic digital tools when implementing advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI). When come at AI, the human-AI trust will be the most decisive factor for a successful implementation.

This paper constitutes a piece of pioneer work, as it investigates the implementation of AI, and how humans and technology should work together. This research is limited down to one case study as well as three digital tools. To extend the research it is recommended to discuss the adaption of AI on premise of the users, collect more empirical data and look into experiences done by other industries.

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