Ola Laedre

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Counterfeit, fraudulent and sub-standard materials: the case of steel in Norway

This study examined the presence of counterfeited, fraudulent and substandard (CFS) materials in the Norwegian construction industry and the characteristics of the construction industry that render it vulnerable. The interviewees believed that the industry is vulnerable because it is easily accessible for temporary and dishonest...
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Laminated timber versus on-site cast concrete: A comparative study

Laminated-timber is a relatively new construction material for multi-story buildings. With this type of structural engineered wood product, timber is glue laminated to increase its constructive strength. Laminated-timber represents an opportunity to lower GHGemissions, while traditional on-site cast concrete is believed to be cheaper. The...
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The last planner system: Comparing Indian and Norwegian approaches

Construction projects around the world currently use the Last planner system (LPS) with different approaches. In this paper, we compare the Indian and Norwegian industry because of their contrasting cultural settings, in order to gather experiences and formulate possible improvements to their LPS approaches. A...
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A comparison of competitive dialogue and best value procurement

Competitive Dialogue (CD) and Best Value Procurement (BVP) are two different approaches to early contractor involvement (ECI) in public projects. However, it is not clear which approach is best suited for what kind of project situations, and which is better for implementing lean in public...
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Motives for the use of competitive dialogue

Competitive dialogue (CD) is a seldom-practised procurement procedure in Norway. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) plans to use it in complex and mega infrastructure project in the future. This study investigates how CD has contributed to the implementation of lean in the public sector...