Jardar Lohne

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Questionable practice in the processing of building permits in Norway

Authorities claim the risk of corruption associated with the processing of building permits in Norway is more obvious than before. This study investigates the size of the opportunity space for questionable practice in the processing of building permits.
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Governing flat-roof constructions: A case study

A lean construction process depends on reliable procuring and governing of materials. This paper examines the case of flat roof constructions and is based on an assumption that current practice might lead to a risk of premature roof failures.
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Counterfeit, fraudulent and sub-standard materials: the case of steel in Norway

This study examined the presence of counterfeited, fraudulent and substandard (CFS) materials in the Norwegian construction industry and the characteristics of the construction industry that render it vulnerable. The interviewees believed that the industry is vulnerable because it is easily accessible for temporary and dishonest...
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Ethical dilemmas in value delivery: theoretical conditions

This paper examines fundamental reasons for ethical dilemmas occurring in the context of value delivery in construction projects and provides a theoretical framework to form the basis for future empirical research on ethical issues related to value delivery to customers, broadly defined.
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Geographical distribution of interest and publications on lean construction

It is a common view that certain countries show more interest in Lean Construction Principles than others. Some researchers within the Lean Construction community publish more and are more cited than others. The paper address the following research questions: 1) Where do those who show...