It is a common view that certain countries show more interest in Lean Construction Principles than others. Some researchers within the Lean Construction community publish more and are more cited than others. The paper address the following research questions: 1) Where do those who show interest in Lean Construction come from? And 2) Is there any connection between geographical distribution of academic publications and where those who show interest in Lean Construction come from? The research is based on empirical data collected from analysis of data traffic from the IGLC web page and the Lean Construction Blog. It also consists of a registration of what countries the authors at IGLC's annual conference and in the Lean Construction Journal come from. The analysis of the data collected validates that specific countries show more interest in lean construction than other. When publications and web-traffic were corrected for number of inhabitant's country-by-country, the findings shows that there was a strong positive connection between the two parameters. This study could serve as a good basis for further studies on why some countries are more open to new ideas regarding construction and construction management.
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