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Frode Drevland

Conference paper

Value for whom?

Designing, building and optimising projects as production systems producing value can be said to be the aim of construction management from an engineering perspective. However, the question is whose value are we optimising the system for? The lean philosophy tells we should deliver value to...
Conference paper

Determining benefit-understanding buildings as production system assets

Maximizing the client value delivered from construction projects is to large degree a matter of maximizing the benefit in use of the built asset. To do so, we must be able to accurately assess the benefits of a proposed solution at the time of design...
Conference paper

Ethical dilemmas in value delivery: theoretical conditions

This paper examines fundamental reasons for ethical dilemmas occurring in the context of value delivery in construction projects and provides a theoretical framework to form the basis for future empirical research on ethical issues related to value delivery to customers, broadly defined.
Conference paper

Geographical distribution of interest and publications on lean construction

It is a common view that certain countries show more interest in Lean Construction Principles than others. Some researchers within the Lean Construction community publish more and are more cited than others. The paper address the following research questions: 1) Where do those who show...
Conference paper

A taxonomy of client product value in construction projects

In this paper, we look at what is valuable to the paying client. A taxonomy of client value is presented with the reasons for the chosen breakdown structure.