Vicente Gonzalez

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Vicente A. Gonzalez
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Finding the way to success in implementing Lean Construction in an unfavourable context

When it comes to lean implementation, the operational attributes of developing countries can cause significant impacts on priorities, tools and techniques. This paper took Iranian construction as a sample and sought to identify and prioritise the factors that could significantly contribute to the success of...
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Accelerating the Last Planner System (LPS) uptake using virtual reality and serious games: a sociotechnical conceptual framework

Although recent research has revealed that successful implementation of the Last Planner System (LPS) is highly dependent upon how its social and technical aspects are managed and interrelated, there are still problems with the LPS implementation in the design phase and on-site. This paper finds...
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Diffusion of lean construction in small to medium-sized enterprises of housing sector

This study investigates the diffusion level of lean construction among the small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) by conducting a telephone survey in the Auckland region of New Zealand. The results indicated the rate of diffusion at three stages of a simplified innovation diffusion model...
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Determining benefit-understanding buildings as production system assets

Maximizing the client value delivered from construction projects is to large degree a matter of maximizing the benefit in use of the built asset. To do so, we must be able to accurately assess the benefits of a proposed solution at the time of design...
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Buffer management in construction: A New Zealand study

Buffers in the form of extra capacity, time, or inventory can help stabilizing construction workflow. From a lean construction perspective, however, buffers are recognized as waste. It presents a dichotomy in the use of buffers that calls for the establishment of a balance between the...