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Saeed Talebi

Conference paper

Diffusion of lean construction in small to medium-sized enterprises of housing sector

This study investigates the diffusion level of lean construction among the small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) by conducting a telephone survey in the Auckland region of New Zealand. The results indicated the rate of diffusion at three stages of a simplified innovation diffusion model...
Conference paper

Continuous improvement cells in the highways sector

In line with its performance improvement and Lean Construction agenda, the highways supply chain in the UK has commenced many Continuous Improvement (CI) cells in recent years. The CI cell is a small-group work coordination and improvement technique that is frequently used in many industries...
Conference paper

Product Modularity, Tolerance Management, and Visual Management: Potential synergies

Product Modularity refers to the hierarchical partitioning of products into their constitutive components. This concept has been explored in manufacturing to ease product design, simplify production, and to efficiently provide variety. Efforts have been made to transfer this knowledge to the construction context (i.e. one-off...
Conference paper

Tolerance compliance measurement using terrestrial laser scanner

Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) provides remote sensing and a quick and comprehensive technique for deviation analyses. Its application for precision surveying purposes is becoming a common practice. There are many interdependent parameters that determine whether the accuracy obtained during the data collection and registration is...