Lauri Koskela

Conference paper

Principles as a bridge between theory and practice

In Lean Construction, principles like “flow,” “pull,” “remove waste” are used with ease. However, have they been correctly treated and understood? We call for reflection upon the power of principles to strengthen the theoretical conceptualisation of Lean as well as upon their power to support...
Journal article

Lean construction and BIM in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in construction: a systematic literature review

Lean construction (LC) and building information modeling (BIM) are two of the prominent concepts challenging the traditional practices in construction management. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often constitute the largest group in construction supply chains. It was found that despite the importance of SMEs, the...
Conference paper

Continuous improvement cells in the highways sector

In line with its performance improvement and Lean Construction agenda, the highways supply chain in the UK has commenced many Continuous Improvement (CI) cells in recent years. The CI cell is a small-group work coordination and improvement technique that is frequently used in many industries...
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Tolerance compliance measurement using terrestrial laser scanner

Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) provides remote sensing and a quick and comprehensive technique for deviation analyses. Its application for precision surveying purposes is becoming a common practice. There are many interdependent parameters that determine whether the accuracy obtained during the data collection and registration is...
Conference paper

Sources of waste on construction site: A comparison to the manufacturing industry

The wastes of the supply chain should be reduced to achieve the stabilization of construction operations in lean-based construction management. The aim of this paper is to investigate the communication related sources of waste on construction worksite when compared to the manufacturing industry. The methodology...