A lean construction process depends on reliable procuring and governing of materials. This paper examines the case of flat roof constructions. It is based on an assumption that current practice might lead to a risk of premature roof failures. Within the case of flat roof constructions, we seek to answer the following research questions: ? What are the main threats to the value for the client in the case of flat-roof constructions? ? How does the client govern in order to oversee that requirements are met regarding construction materials- and assembling? The research was explorative in nature and limited to the Norwegian context; based on a scoping literature study and seven semi-structured in-depth interviews with experienced industry actors. The findings show that in a short-term perspective, the divergence of stakeholder interest and premature roof failures present a great threat to the value of the building. Poor procuring and handling threatens the construction process. It is a source of disputes between the contractor and the client. Furthermore, it constitutes an obstacle in creating long-term value for the client. Flat-roof constructions are particularly exposed. We propose that clients should implement a more structured approach to overseeing that client requirements are met. To ensure a lean project delivery and maximizing value, mitigating unwanted events related to suppliers and materials are crucial.
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