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Journal article

The implementation of lean construction and six sigma concepts in light brick installation: a case study in Cordova apartment project

Defective products Lean principles Waste minimization Building materials Construction industry Procurement Sustainability Indonesia

PT Adhi Perkasa Gedung is a construction company engaged in building construction that is a subsidiary of PT Adhi Karya (Persero). Sustainability has become a significant issue this decade, as well as construction projects. Construction companies are required to be able to manage their resources effectively and efficiently through the completion of environmentally friendly projects. PT Adhi Perkasa Gedung as the construction contractor for the Cordova Apartment, strives to minimize waste in light brick installation. The light brick is used as a bulkhead between rooms in the apartment. The problems that occur are the waiting time of light brick procurement, product defects, material handling, and installation process errors. The purpose of this study is to minimize waste in light brick installation using lean construction and six sigma methods. The results of this study indicate the existence of rework due to installation process errors, material quality.

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