As the adoption of both alliancing and lean in the construction industry has started becoming more prevalent, knowledge of the alignment of Lean Construction with alliancing could be valuable to practitioners looking at adopting lean project delivery. This paper contributes to addressing this issue by providing insight into the relationship between the alliancing project delivery method and Lean Construction project delivery through the review of a literature review, interviews and a document study. A major driver of alliancing is to deliver value for money to the client, so it comes as a surprise that, to this date, alliancing has yet to fully capitalize on the Lean Construction operating system to drive the pursuit of maximum value. The inclusion of a lean operating system would require only minor changes to the existing structure of a standard project alliancing agreement. Alliancing could essentially remain the same, both structurally and commercially, while incorporating Lean Construction methods and tools into its operating system. In the right circumstances, this combination could be used to deliver greater value to the client.
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