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Conference paper

The international construction industry is subject to several types of crime. Among the least researched is the exposure to counterfeited, fraudulent and substandard (CFS) materials. The study presented in this paper examines the presence of these materials in the Norwegian construction industry and the characteristics of the construction industry that render it vulnerable. A survey was sent out to different stakeholders within the industry, collecting experiences and knowledge about these types of materials. More than half of the respondents (9 of 17) stated that they pose a threat to the industry to a high or very high degree. To investigate the presence of these steel products, 3 semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted with key actors. The data shows the occurrence of these materials in the industry. The interviewees all believed that CFS steel products exist in the Norwegian construction industry, and examples were given of the occurrence of it. The interviewees believed that the industry is vulnerable to this threat because it is easily accessible for temporary and dishonest actors, and it has a high degree of trust combined with a certain lack of controls. Further work can result in recommendations for possible countermeasures.

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